Northeast Bavarian Cave Registration

The Northeast Bavarian Cave Registration was founded in 1985. The registration takes account of the regions to the northwest, north and east of the Frankonian Alb. The most important landscapes in these regions are the Frankonian Forest and the Fichtel Mountains.

The geology of the region includes a large range of different rock types: from the sedimentary rocks of the Lias Formation (Lower Jurassic) to the pre-Triassic crystaline basement units with volcanic (granite, diabase) and metamorphic rock-types. Only small parts of the region are covered by karstic landscapes, the greater part being predominantly covered by sandstones and granite. Consequently, most of the known caves are situated in sandstone or granite. Only a small number of caves are of karst origin. Genetic conditions of cave formation in the various rock-types show a great diversity.

The actual yearly statistics of the registration provides details on the number and characteristics of the natural and artificial caves recorded to-date.


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Last modified: February 27, 2010