Blaustein Cave Research Group

The Blaustein Cave Research Group was founded in 1978 in the community of Blaustein, near Ulm, Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In the early years, the main subjects of research were looking for new caves and carrying out cave surveys in the region known as the Swabian Alb. In most cases, caves with lengths not more than 100 m were surveyed. Later, research was done other regions of Baden-Wuerttemberg (e. g. the Black Forest) and Bavaria (the Alps, Northeast Bavaria). At present, the geographical focus of research is located in Northeast Bavaria.

In recent years, other points of research have been added. Since 1980, doline registration has been done for the Swabian Alb and North Bavaria. Research on caves possessing special genetic conditions has become increasingly important following the research in Northeast Bavaria, because most of the caves found and surveyed in this region are formed in sandstone or granite.

In addition to the documentation of natural caves, artificial caves have been registered and documented. In this field, some interesting research results were obtained.

Further points of research concern bat registration and hydrochemical analyses. Much research is done in cooperation with other groups.

Touristic activities by club members - together with members of other groups - have taken place in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia.

Since 1978, the offical journal of the group, "Mitteilungsheft der Hoehlenforschungsgruppe Blaustein", has published reports about research results and touristic events. This journal is also open for articles and reports from other researchers and cavers.


Last modified: October 29, 2007