Striebel, T. (1995): The genetic classification of some types of non-karstic caves. In: Gaál, L. (Ed.): Proc. of Intern. Working Meeting "Preserving of Pseudokarst Caves", Rimavská Sobota (Slovakia), Salgótarján (Hungary), 46 - 57.
This compilation covers some genetic cave types which cannot be classified as having a karstic origin. Furthermore, it introduces some nomenclature proposals. Most of the types covered here are common for solid rocks like quartzites, sandstones, granites or limestones. The genetic conditions of formation are divided up in the groups "formation by flowing water", "formation by stagnant water" and "formation not directly by water". The genetic processes discussed here are erosion, physical weathering and gravitational movement of rock material. Finally, it is suggested first to classify forms and then to classify caves; furthermore, the term "pseudokarst" should not be used if it is possible to classify a form or a cave more precisely.