Striebel, T.: Sandstone Caves in the South-Eastern Part of the Heinersreuth Forest and the Adjacent Woodlands (District of Bayreuth, Upper Frankonia, Bavaria, Germany)
The paper describes nine small caves with maximum total lengths of 18 m. They are developed in sandstones of the Rhaetolias-Formation (Upper Triassic - Lower Jurassic sandstones). The cave descriptions are introduced together with a short description of the landscape and nature of this area, which is situated to the west of Bayreuth. The small number of caves show a remarkable variety concerned with their genetic and morphologic aspects. This variety is typical for the sandstone caves in the surroundings of Bayreuth. The most important forms identified are fissure caves and types of physical weathering caves. The latter include examples of formation both without the direct participation of water and formation in conjunction with stagnant or flowing water. Some forms are possibly caused by solution. The content of a tube structure inside one of the caves was found to be rich in organic matter.